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Chimera "Hang tight Deveraux, we still got to smoke ya for rushing into there."

Deveraux "Since when was it our decision?"

Chimera *changes channels* "Alpha-tango-86 to bravo-hotel-7-6, we need a telepathic situtation read out, co-ordenates, hotel-9-0-4, charle-4-2-3."

*on other side of comm from the teleporter room* "Roger that." *a pause* "We can't get a good reading, we think there can be anything from five, to fifteen down there. We can sence Deveraux clearly, but the others, the life energy it far too blured and high to get an accurate count."

Chimera *with comm off* "****." *back on comm* "Alright. I'll figure something out." *changes back to normal channel.* "Alright Deveraux, I'm coming down." *turns off comm* "Sanchez, Romeo, if something happens, lob the crud out of this hole with c4, or what ever you got."

*Chimera gets to the hatch.*

Chimera *yelling down to the blades* "Let my man go, we'll deal with this civilized. Our intention was to detain, not kill. Maybe we could come to an agreement?"

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