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Side: UNSC Armed Forces
Name: Aaryn Chaar
Class: Sniper
Bio: Aaryn is a new recruit to the armed forces however his ambition is strong because of the fact his father was killed by the Covenent and he is determined to get his revenge

IC-Aaryn takes out his pistol and starts battling the Covenent with the other marines on his ship "Gah......they're everywhere"

Alarm: Beep Beep Beep Beep

"What the.......the engines are down....dammit.......looks like we're gonna crash land on that planet" "ALRIGHT MEN KILL ALL COVENENT IN YOUR SIGHT AND BRACE FOR IMPACT" Aaryn takes out his sniper rifle and begins shooting the elites that begin to board the ship. As the planet below them gets closer and closer the covenent start to overflow the ship. "Hmmm....." Aaryn then throws a grenade into the airlock blowing it away and the covenent along with it and as the Airlock closes the ship crashs into the planet.

((That Evil is on))

*Clash Clash* *Sizzle* Stupid lightsaber......*Looks Up* uh-oh

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