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forum family thread

okay...natty has done this before.'s jerry springer forum style (since we're all one big happy family)! anyway...lemme start.


das: well, jerry. you see. today, i was mowing the lawn. and then i saw...*sob*...oh god!! i saw my gay lover dr edison...raping my next door neighbor, alia! *breaks down*

jerry: let's bring him out.

dr edison: what the f*** is wrong with you das?! why the **** ******* ****** *** ******* *long series of other bleeps* did you bring me out here?!?!?!!!!?!11

das: i saw you yesterday!

dr edison: what are you talking about?!

das: you were rolling around on the front lawn next door like a pig in the were nude! with that whore, alia!! how could you, eddy?!?!!?!

jerry: well, das. we've got a surprise for you...alia, come on out!

dr edison: *runs over to alia, they wildly make out*

alia: oh, god, eddy! *glances at das* hey, **** ******* ****** ****.

das: oh, you- *tries to attack alia, flailing his arms around, with that bodyguard steve guy stopping him* *stops* *starts again after three seconds* *walks back to seat in a huff*

so now someone else can pick up where i left off.
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