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Ulna Shardes Surface

Nereli: *to Deveraux* You are free to leave.

Shane: *backing away* Try anything, and...remember you were warned...


SSD Vigilance


*Admiral Luthen was taken aback. Not only had Reletha decided to give up the great bargaining advantage over the Imperial Loyalists Luthen had obtained for her, she had also not even sounded pleased. That was a bit disappointing...

That's all she had planned?

On the other hand, who was she to question the Supreme Chancellor of the New Republic...and the leader of the Imperial Separatists? She would simply follow orders. And hope for that promotion.

She called another officer*

Luthen: Cancel the cage preparations. Destroy Hailfire's ship.


Nom and Tarila Vilnov's Hideout, Outer Rim

*A small, automated pod exits hyperspace in the vicinity of the siblings' ship. It takes a moment to orient itself. Then, it shoots towards the ship, sending a message signal*

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