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WWWWOOOOWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I remember the first time this was done!

*Fealiks walks in* Fealiks:Remember me?

Edison: Oh mY **** ***** ****ing *** ** ******! Fealiks!
I had no ****ing idea! how did you get here?

Jerry: now just a minute, I don't know where you came from, Mr, but you can get out of my studio!

*Fealiks punches Jerry in the face without a care in the world but breaks his hand**Jerry's OK, so Fealiks trips him up instead*

Edison: you're that gay transvestite frome the ****ing gaybar!

Das: Just how many people have you been ****ing seeing, Eddy *sob*

Fealiks: The ***** ** ********* **** has seen ENOUGH!!!!!*has a fit of anger*
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