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alia: who are you?

fealiks: i slept around with him a few times. he cheated on you with me.

alia: you ***** **** * **************** * *********!!!!! i'm gonna kill you!

*another fight, with arms pathetically flailing around*

jerry: see, now this is interesting. so you were cheating on your gay lover...with a girl. and then you cheated on this girl with a transvestite gay hooker from the gay bar.

edison: yeah, that's right.

audience: *boo*

jerry: let's get feedback from the audience.

lonely geek: hey, edison.

edison: what.

lonely geek: you're so pathetic you have to cheat on everyone to get laid.

edison: what the f*** kinda insult is that? you f***in ******* ***** ******** * *...***** !!!!!!!!!

lonely geek: *laughs* hur hur hur.

das: *creeps up on dr edison* *attacks edison from behind, attempting to strangle him* die, you f***in son of a bitch!

fealiks: das! wait! *punches das, das's two front teeth fall out* i love him. *fealiks and edison wildly make out*

das: i can't believe this! *punches fealiks in the face, but teeth don't fall out*

fealiks: but das. i love you, too. *das and fealiks make out*

alia: what about me?

jerry: i love you, alia. *alia and jerry make out*

*steve the bodyguard and edison make out*

das: this is so f***in sick! f*** you all! gah! *pulls out gun* *steve the bodyguard pulls out gun as well, shoots das in the leg* ah! dammit!
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