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*Ambulance come over, three paremedics come out telling Das that he only has four hours to live*

Das: Oh dear GOD **** **** ******* **** ****** **** *****!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!

Med 3: Who, me?!

Fealiks: No, Me, you sick, twisted *******!!!

Das: BOTH of you!

*Das, Fealiks and med 3 have hot, passionate sex together*

*Meanwhile, Med 1 is Making out wildly with lonely geek, and Med 2 is making out with bodyguard*

Alia:is EVERYONE here ******* GAY?!

Jerry: No, my love, I love you!

*Jerry goes to kiss alia, but she has found herself a ladyfreind from the audience and they're wildly making out, so Jerry runs away*

Straight Hill Billy frm the audience: I'd like my say here; ahem, I am STRAIGHT AND PROUD!

*Jerry pops back again just to say that those initials spell out "sap", not "gap", then runs away again*

*every one apart from staight guy get out shotguns and shoot straight guy.
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