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((Note to Deac: Since Karathi was your idea [and your character gave the name], feel free to do whatever you want its "legacy" below

See discussion thread for information on the "new" character))

Ulna Shardes

*The Blades wait, watching Deveraux as he leaves*


Outer Rim, Vilnov Ship

*The message was a video.

A humanoid appeared on the viewscreen, viewed from the chest up. Its shoulders were draped in a black cloth. Its face was dark green and wrinkled, clearly nonhuman. Its eyes were reflective, and seemed especially bright in its dark face.

It spoke. Its mouth was filled with many tiny sharp teeth, making it speak with a soft hiss*

Figure: Nom and Tarila Vilnov. My name iss Riss Dul'ur. I wass once one of the Karathi Assassins of Nar Shhadda.

*Riss gestured, revealing hands with long fingers. The tips of claws showed*

Riss: The Karathi Assassin Guild is of coursse long gone. Ass you must know; ass any in our bussiness knows.

*He (? - the face and voice were genderless) paused and gave an intense stare*

Riss: I and a few otherss are forming a new guild. We know of you and are quite impresssed. If this interesstss you, go to Mos Eisley, Tatooine, in the Arkaniss Ssector. Vissit the major cantina and ask for Ssaria. Tell her you are looking for what otherss have losst in the sshadows of the vertical ccity.

*The message ends*

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