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New character info! (New to Cantina, anyway...)

Galactic Faction: Criminal

Name: Riss Dul'ur
Gender: Male [Apparently; none have yet had the opportunity to check]
Species: Unknown Humanoid
Origin: Nar Shadda
Faction: Karathi Assassin Guild [Former], Independent Assassin
Description: Humanoid and ugly, with dark green skin. A natural semi-chameleon who can stick to nearly any surface. Fast and agile. Sports long retractable claws on his fingers.
Public Knowledge: Among the top assassins of the famed Karathi Assassin Guild. One of few members to survive the Galactic Civil War. Considered extremely dangerous.
Current Status/Location: Unknown [Last Sighted: Mos Eisley, Tatooine]
How to Contact: Known to those who deal with or hire assassins

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