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med 2: ah, dammit. we've got a guy down in the audience. *puts guy on stretcher, puts him in ambulance* *closes ambulance door* he can wait. *continues making out with bodyguard*

das: ah...i'm getting dizzy. *faints*

fealiks: sh!t!

alia: fealiks, do you care more about me or das?

fealiks: what are you talking about? i never cared about you. why else would i let edison cheat on you with me!

alia: f*ckin sh!t, man. *storms out*

edison: wait, alia, don't go!

das: *slowly pulls out revolver* damn you, you f*ckin ho, ed...

edison: huh?

das: *shoots edison*

edison: god damn! *falls down*

med 3: sh!t, we've got another one! *picks up edison and throws him in ambulance*
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