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med 3: Damn it, Das! I'll never make out with you again!

das: what inconvenience did that shooting have to you, dear meddy weddy?

meddy: Don't butter me up, b@stard! I've known you long enough, I see straight through you!

das: but we've only just met!

*shoots meddy for being ignorant*

das: now I see right through you!

Med 2: Theres no need to shoot him, you twisted f*cking b@stard

Bodyguard: hey, don't upset my medipups!

*tries to shoot das but missed*

das: STOP IT! I hate everyone here! and here are my reasons: bodyguard: shot me
Med 2: made out with bodyguard
Med 1:made out with some lonely geek
Med 3: for throwing edison in the ambulance instead of putting him on a stretcher
alia: for storming out
Jerry: for storming out
edison: for raping the dude next door
Lonely geek: for being a geek,
and Straight hill billy for being straight!!!!!

Fealiks: i feel left out.
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