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*Guy's high collar folds in itself as he lies on the ground. It covers his entire face. White glowing slits appear where his eyes are located.

He leaps up from the ground. Eudoxia fires something blue at him from her staff. This time, he dodges. She fires again, hitting her comrade in the gray armor by mistake as he swung at Guy*

Lizard being [Trevors]: Eudoxia! Stop!

*Her attention diverts to him for a second too long, and Guy is upon her. He grabs her staff as she fires. The blue light hits the lizard being, knocking him twenty feet into a wall. She keeps firing as the two wrestle.

The air shivers high above the group, and Guy's ship appears. An invisible force begins lifting the group one by one into its interior, beginning with those stunned on the ground*

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