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oo la la!

yeah, he replies to your posts and then you can tell he's trying to make it seem like he still respects you by saying things like "i respect you pirate", sorry, but wtf is that? and you can tell he doesn't really respect you. and then when you get into an argument with him, he just posts a bunch of b.s. and then of course you have to say something back. i'm so happy that that smokes o' pot guy actually called him out on being a jerk.

it makes me so mad that largo tried to defend that newbie that was trying to act super-cool by using "@" or something that came off being very lame and just plain stupid.

and i also can't stand how he doesn't use punctuation marks. he writes paragraphs that end up looking like this i mean i cant believe he doesnt know how to put a period at the end of a sentence it is just so irritating
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