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fealiks: why are the croud shouting Jerry?

edison:we'll never know.

Das:so what now?

Fealiks:Isn't it obvious

alia: not really, no. what? Hit me!

Fealiks:*slams card down* ace o' spades! we have a winner!

Alia:no, really.

Fealiks:well, since we write this out, we can make anything happen *grand piano falls through ceiling* see?*cheesy smile()*

Das:stop that, it's just unnerving...

Fealiks:Give it a try!!! *turns into hiscustom yoda avatar*

Das:hiYAAAAAAAA!*Edison go's flying into crowd* ooooooo, yeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!

Aliaooooooooooooo that's just freakyyyyyyyyy, STOP IT! Lets just get on with the family thread, huh?

*Das an Fealiks hang their heads
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