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Making bots more skilled

I downloaded an editable PK3 for botfiles to make the bots more skilled with guns but I can't get boba fett to stop using only his bryar pistol. Even when I put it to 0 he still only uses his pistol. I'm on the Tatoine City map using a bot that came with JA. So why does he only use his pistol? And here is the jkb file.

reflex 50
//base reflex value, time in ms it takes the bot to react
accuracy 0
//base accuracy, number of degrees bot can aim off by. Lower value == better aim.
turnspeed 0.01
turnspeed_combat 0.01
maxturn 140
perfectaim 1
chatability 1
chatfrequency 3
hatelevel 3
camper 1
saberspecialist 1

What is Maxturn, chatability, and hatelevel?
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