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((OOS: Deac, up to you for what your characters are doing and where they are. BD and JM aren't posting so I'm assuming their characters were evacuated))

*The bolts hit Trern, causing his suit to smoke and throwing him off-balance before he can hit WH Irvine. He is further distracted by Misae swinging her lightsaber into his eyes*

Guy: *yelling to the Jedi, the only ones left on the ground* Don't fight them! Get in my ship! They can't follow you!

*A bolt from the Asgardried hits Eudoxia across the cheek. Somehow, instead of taking half her face off, it only glances leaving a long burn. The woman snarls in rage*

Eudoxia: Enough of this! *Her staff erupts with bright light* I don't care what they said... *With a burst of strength she throws Guy off herself, and knocks him ten feet away to the ground with a jab of her staff's blunt end* You die right here!

*Guy was already up and facing her when the bolt of light hit him in the face, directly in his eyes. The entire area is illuminated in a sharp burst, and a scream of agony is heard.

Seconds later, Guy is on the ground, hands clawing at his head. The others could see that most of his mask is only charred where it had been hit, but his eyeslits are burning with white light.

Misae is distracted for seconds too long. Trern's halberd catches her in the shoulder and smashes her into the ground*

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