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i'm doubting his credibility. i think we should throw together a petition. hell, we could even do it in "delete me!" since he never goes there. i love this forum. you can talk all you want about other people and they'll never even know. i love getting away with things like that.

and what thread was that in where you asked him? or was it a pm?

i think we should just get a mod or someone to look up his ip so we can find out for ourselves. i think he's just a big phoney-baloney, personally. he:

1) didn't know how to do a sig correctly
2) completely broke rules by posting the same fact twice in different threads
3) didn't know how to do quotes correctly.

he sounds like a fake to me. i'm surprised anyone can pull this much sh!t from out of their ass. i don't understand why he doesn't just admit to being a liar- oh wait, yes i do. it's b/c he isn't a god damn forum veteran, and now that he's dug this hole for himself, he's too far deep to feel comfortable climbing back out of it. god damn.

the only thing i'd love to see come from him is just a simple confession that he's full of crap and is not a forum veteran, and is just some desperate attention whore that come on the forums posting one day.

and, from what i can gather, he doesn't seem to be the brightest bulb in the factory, either. at first i didn't know how to do signatures either, but after my first few days on the forums, i figured it out all by myself. and quoting. please. there's even a little button on the post reply screen that tells you how to do it. i figured it out on day one of posting. gimme a break. he's a big pile of dookie.
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