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((sorry about that XD

Scar: So you can't post as Irvine?))

Ulna Shardes

Nereli: *as the demons leave* That's done. Come with me.

*The Blades move forward in the blackness, their eyemasks glowing white*

Nereli: *speaking on his communicator to the ship* Inquiry, give us new readouts every ten minutes or if you see something unusual.

*Empty tanks covered one wall. The other wall was covered with holes where equipment had been stripped. Pieces of machinery that looked like they had been blasted apart lay everywhere*

Gilian: It looks like a war happened in here...

Slythe [the elf]: Or whoever evacuated this place wanted to leave nothing behind.

*The other end of the level had several sets of doors barring access to turbolifts. There was no power anywhere. The Blades used their weapons to cut their way through, and descended to the second level*

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