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*Trern sizes up WH Irvine. He looks around the clearing. He puts his halberd over his back, and it attaches to a holster set in the armor*

Trern: Very well.

*Eudoxia stands, pulling out a long knife, holding her staff ready in the other hand in case Gortick reappears. She stalks towards Guy, who has stopped moving*

Eudoxia: *muttering loudly* Your Seer's your only your life is left. I shall take our repayment for your treachery in the blood that you've betrayed.

*The lizardman raises his gun, aiming at RH Irvine*

((OOS: I guess I should mention that yes, the new characters attacking the group are shielded against certain attacks/other things. So, anyone attacking them keep in mind that things might not work out the way you expect.))

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