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Amazingly, i got it to work just now by playing the patched .exe with windows 98 compatibility mode (i have xp). But there are a couple distracting things about this higher res. It seems the cutscenes were rendered at a lower res. and so they play in a small frame, with a big "screenshot" of the last scene before the cutscene started. Also, the 3D objects and characters don't fit the backgrounds anymore: Guybrush walks on air when he's standing on the "patio" of the SCUMM BAR, the manhole cover in lucre is. is floating above the hole, Doors have huge gaps beneath them. So all the objects are smaller, or are the backgrounds too big? Perhaps they are of a smaller res? And the font is harder to read, it's crisp but "garbled". Should i be expecting these things when playing at a higher res.?
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