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SSD Vigilance Docking Bay

*Starr watches the six Vanguard on his viewscreen. They had completely surrounded his ship, but they were simply standing there now, as if waiting for something*

You won't take me by surprise this time...I know what you are, and what you can do...

Starr: Computer, run a scan on the six beings outside the ship. Identify the concentration of cortosis ore in their proximities and show me a visual.

*The computer takes a moment, then six holos come up with the results. Starr smiled. Although the amount of cortosis in each suit was unequal, it was all located in roughly the same places. As he suspected, there were definite weak points where no cortosis had been combined into the armor at all.

Shields generated by belts... Rapid-fire concussion rifles. Wrist-mounted rocket launchers. Cortosis-weaved staffs to use against lightsabers.

They had the staffs readied, the rifles still on their backs. Starr smiles at this.

Clearly they do not know their foe.

Abruptly, the Vanguard about-face and walk away. They take positions against the far hangar walls and face his ship again.

The mounted turbolasers all over the hangar swing round to face his ship.

Starr realizes instantly what was happening, and that there were only seconds before---

The turbolasers open fire on Starr's shuttle. The shielding collapses under the hail of energy, and the ship violently explodes*

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