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((OOS: He went backward then backflipped then jumped to avoid the shot?

It's a cone-shaped spray of energy. Think of it as having fired a large circle at RH Irvine which gets rapidly larger. Going backwards would give it time to spread out making it harder to leap above it. And backflipping - well, without an illustration on how he backflipped I'm not sure what that would do. But in any case by the time he would get round to jumping out of the cone's radius he would've already been hit several times...))

*WH Irvine's second blow hits with slightly more effect than the first one; Trern is jolted a little. He brings his fist down on WH Irvine's arm, intending to break it before it could be drawn back.

Eudoxia and Guy appear to be in a strange stalemate. His hand pushes back the dagger above his eye while she presses down, hissing words too soft to be heard by the others. Neither of them otherwise move.

The cone-shaped spray of energy surrounds RH Irvine. The rivulets of energy are far more spread apart than before, but a few still hit him as he backflips and run around his body.

Trevors continues firing, spraying the area.

Above the group, Guy's ship closes in, hatch open*

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