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I grew up on DF. It was my first game that wasn't bundled with my PC. I grew up on the controls and the save system and actually have no complaints with any of it even when I replay it to this day.

Originally posted by Codja X
DF2: Jedi Knight was the last in the series that made you feel like you were in that world.
I ain't going to bash JO anymore, but I agree that and even JA which I thought was much better (save for the length) didn't even do justice to the darkness of the originals. But Mysteries of the Sith was just as dark as DF and JK. If you don't have it, get it.

That Phase 1 coming was one of the best things ever in a game also. I remember me and a friend trying to play it together over the phone and I stumbled across him first. It scared the crap outta me. I dropped the phone and the batteries flew out the back.

Did Doom have any scary moments like that or was it monsters being turned to blood and gore?

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