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Howdy all!

Just wanted to say that the 194thRG is looking forward to release day and getting the opportunity to fraggin' with you.

We hope to have our SWBF server up as soon as possible so please look us up and visit our server when the time comes. Some of you may know us from BF1942 - for those that don't - we have developed a good reputation in the BF1942 community for being a fun and friendly bunch of guys and gals and for running our server the same way (fun and friendly). Our admins do a damn good job of keeping Smacky the Smacktard in check so the "real" gamers can enjoy a fun and competitive game. We'll do our best to provide the same for the SWBF community.

Well - nuff said for now - can't wait for the 21st of September!

When in doubt lead with a frag!
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