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Outer Rim: Valen Minor

*The Aesirian destroyer Alvis orbits the wolrd of Valen Minor. In the hanger bay a platoon of thirty Valkyrie hunters gather around Idona for a quick final briefing*

Idona: Sensors have detected no life signs on the planet. I still want everyone to keep an eye out for survivors. Our primary objective is now to find out how long ago this attack occured and to find any clues as to where they might strike next. A field head quaters will be established at the colony's spaceport located roughly in the center of the town. Once the colony is secured we will search for any evidence. Time is of the essence so lets get moving.

*The Valkyries disperse heading towards their assigned transports. Idona follows suit after grabing her rifle and helm. A minute later three transport escorted by a squadron of Viking II fighters make a rapid descent on the planet. About three minutes from launch the transports landed dropped their ramps and the Valkyries rush out to secure the colony.*

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