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((wildjedi: Hee. Actually, I just picked up that fact from - when I put characters in an actual Star Wars location, I briefly read up on it, because I forget everything.

"Arkanis" stuck because I liked the word ))

SSD Vigilance

*Wreckage from the shuttle lies scattered around the hangar, twisted metal and duraplast.

The Vanguard close in on the shattered remains of the ship's body. One of them notices a flicker of energy across a thrown escape pod, the sign of an shield running out of power.

An intact escape pod.

One second later, the escape pod bursts apart. The Vanguard instantly bring up their staffs...

But their enemy is not holding a lightsaber.

The first Vanguard is blasted back by Starr Hailfire's missile launcher and smashes against the far wall of the hangar*


Ulna Shardes

*The second and third levels had once been dedicated to manufacturing. They were deserted, stripped and ravaged as well.

The fourth level was the same, but whoever had destroyed the place had missed an armory closet. There were three Vanguard uniforms marked as "backup" [Rwos translated, being the only one able to read Galactic Basic], along with an assortment of esoteric weapons*

Nereli: Inquiry, send someone to pick up these items for analyzation, please.

Rwos: What now?

Nereli: There is one last level. Come with us.

*Three Blades appear in flashes of blue light, transported by teleporters. They enter the closet as Nereli and the others leave*

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