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Thanks, redwing. And katarn, those are some good story points. Alright, i'll see what i can do with that. And i have some interesting plot twists up my sleeves as well...

Doman and his strike team of seven men were already in the Lambda-class shuttle. Strike team two was also ready. Their shuttle would leave jsut after theirs. Once the Star Destroyer got out of Hyperspace, they'd launch. Trough the front window, Doman could see the blue Hyperspace tunnel fade away. There was Dantooine. The shuttle took off and flew out of the Hangar bay. This would be Doman's first mission. Before that, he was assigned to active guard duty a small outer-rim outpost. After the outpost was attacked by rebel terrorrists, Doman was promoted to sergeant...

'We'll be landing in about four minutes.' The pilot said. They broke trough Dantooine's atmosphere. 'Three minutes.' The pilot said. At that moment, Doman heard a loud bang, and the shuttle shook on all sides. 'What the hell was that?' He asked. 'Anti-Air fire.' They pilot replied. 'I can't figure where it's coming from. Brace yourselfs, i'm gonna try and dodge it!' The commlink beeped. 'This is shuttle Gamma-2, we've been hit and we're going down, i repeat, going down!' 'Dammit.' The pilot said. 'We're on our own now...'

The shuttle's left wing was hit, and it went spinning for Dantooine's surface. They crash-landed on top of a hill. Doman lost consciousness.
One of the troopers woke him up. 'Sir?' He asked. 'Are you alright?'
'Ugh... I think so... How many casualties?' '
One, and the pilot, sir. We don't know about second team though. We've lost contact with them.'
'I'm sure they'll be just fine. We'll just have to make our way to the objective without them.' Doman said. 'We should at least get off of this hill, we're sitting ducks for airstrikes here...'

Later that day, somewhere on the vast plains that stretch across Dantooine...

The group of troopers Were trying to make their way to the rebel base...
'We're lost, aren't we, Sir?' A trooper asked.
'Shut up, TK-423, We're not lost.' Doman answered.
'Then how would you call it, Sir? Spatially displaced?' The trooepr replied. Doman turned around.
'Alright. So we're lost. Smart-talk ain't gonna help us there. So you got any better ideas?' He asked.
'Yes.' A trooper by the designation of TK-425 said. 'We shouldn't follow this fool anymore, like i've been telling you from the start. He's too inexperienced. '
'Well, Mister experience, why don't you come over here and show us rookies how it's done.' Doman replied.
'Shut up!' Another trooper shouted.
'What?' Doman asked. 'He is pretending like he...
'Just shut up! I think i hear something behind that hill.'
'Alright then, Tk-423, 425, go check it out...'

I think this is a fine start, dontha think? Of course, TK-425 is going to be the Hard-ass, as you may have noticed...

But it's your general storyline so just say it if you wanna add/change anything...

Also, other people, feel free to join in...
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