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*Eudoxia does not react when the Asgardried tells the Irvines to fetch Guy, but she whirls as RH Irvine charges her. She fires a red bolt from her staff at him.

Her back turned, she does not see Guy's ship swoop to hover behind her.

Two missiles hit her at the same time. She is engulfed in the resulting explosion and thrown.

The knife drops next to Guy. His hand closes around it. His unmoving body is lifted up into the air and taken into his ship. Immediately droids surround him, stripping off his suit around his face and moving him onto a floating stretcher.

Eudoxia gets to her feet - protected by her suit, although her cloak is shredded and charred - and screams in wordless rage.

Above the nearby hillock, new figures appear approaching quickly*

Trern: *to WH Irvine* I must apologize. This game is finished.

*He shoots out an armored hand for Irvine's throat*

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