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((Deac, i'm kinda waiting on some Byss stuff ))


*Irvine gets to his shuttle, it was intact, no one had attempted to take it apart or steal it for that matter.

Irvine force pulls a few nearby emergancy bacta patches mounted on the walls, then does the same with a few of the corpses laid about. Starr might need some if he's in trouble..

He then gets into his shuttle and takes off...*


Ulna Shardes: Portal Room

*Deveraux with out his armour gets thrown into a wall, he helplessly grabs his side as Chimera who also took off his armour.

Chimera steps up to Deveruax and with his claws drawn out he grabs the shoulder of Deveruax, digging inches of his claws into it. He lifts him up, Deveruax screaming in agony, the others left to watch in a formation.*

Chimera *With his eyes literaly glowing red* "How dare you disobey, I did not give the clear to enter that structure! You had risked the life of yourself, and your comrades."

*Deveruax spits up blood, some of it accidently gets on Chimera's uniform, Chimera glares at Deveruax.*

Chimera "You're pathetic. At least you could have done is killed one of them for threatening you.."

*Chimera lifts up Deveruax higher, and unsheathes his sword, a long sctimtar, that curves out and not inward, the blade glows as he readies it to kill Deveruax.

He swings...*

*From behind, very angerly* "THAT IS ENOUGH!!"

*Chimera stops cold dead millimeters from Deveruax, Chimera's expression was fear.

Talon walks in, his eyes the same as Chimera's, he had witnessed the event, he glares at Chimera.*

Talon "I do not have these men trained so that you could kill them! Drop him, now"

*Chimera retracts his claws, and Deveruax drops.*

Talon *Looking at the lined up demons, said firmly* "Take him to the infirmery."

*They rush to pick their comrade up and they scramble out of the room, armour still on.

Chimera turns around and faces Talon.*

Talon *his face, more clamer* "Indeed he had been at fault, but you had your orders to detain and retrieve." *anger returns to his face.* "YOU INCOMPIDENT FOOL, YOU COULDN'T EVEN DO THAT!"

*Talons right arm grows and transforms into a large bird's leg with black feathers. Instantly Talon grabs Chimera with this 'enlarged limb' and pulls Chimera towards him, squeezing at the same time, causing pain through the short trip.

As Chimera was still lifted, now with in a normal arm's reach, Talon slaps Chimera across the face with his left hand, and throws Chimera where Deveruax hit the wall, this time cracking it.*

Talon "Get ready, we're leaving, I'll deal with this myself, and to show you how it's done..."

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