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I noticed that my strategies changed from GB to CC after awhile, and now I know why, thanks. I first thought that I just liked the Air cruises too much. I rarely make bombers any more, nor do I hardly create mechs it seems. The bulk of my armies are troop center units, specials (Dark Troopers, Berserkers, Gen. Warriors, Fambas, etc.) and Bounty Hunters. I supplant these with artillery and assault mechs, A.M.'s proffered (especially A.T.A.T.'s w/air attacks in CC so cool!!). I also like to create a swarm of Jedi/Sith, especially if I have holocrons. For air support I now make a good number of air cruisers with fighters to protect them from other fighters. My strategies from the original was to create a ton of fighters and bombers and "wipe them out, all of them". It's funny how the laws of supply and demand still apply, even in a game.

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