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Okay, my friend and I play-tested the map for about an hour to see how it worked. Here's some things that bugged me about the map.
Bad news:
1. Switches- there are a lot of switches for various elevators around this map, too many in my opinion. Cutting down that number from 4 switches per elavator to 2(one top and one bottom) would help alleviate the confusion.
2. Flying- The objective that requires you to knock out the turbolasers seems the most difficult due the confined flying space the edge of the map gives you. I spent most of the time manuevering for a shot at 1/3 the speed of the fighter. I suggest either that you modify the fighters you use to alter their speed and manuevering and tailor them for the this map. OR you can make a flying vessel a transport that allows the players to drop down by the turrets and knock them out via explosives.
3. Footwork- it seems a lot of the time you spend on foot is in transit between objectives and riding up and down elevators. Sacrificing some of the size and grandier of the map might be something worth considering so that people won't be aggravated just trying to get where they need to go.
4. Architecture- while the exterior of the bast castle struck me as what its supposed to be, a major fortress, the inside seemed more like a giant power plant with some laboratories added in, especially when you first walk in and go up the first set of elevators. This fact kind of bothered me a bit.
Good news:
The only error I encountered happened when I was trying to escort mon mothma down the tower. She got down two sets of elevators and then started running in a little circle after she left the spot she makes the transmission. I found no other errors in textures or in general.
THe really bad news- When you fix and finish this map completely, you're gonna make yourself famous in the mapping comunity, which means everyone will bug you to make something else, sorry pal, you are doomed. ^^ Phew! Man I must earn some kind of record for massive posts somewhere! Peace!

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