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I've applied it to the shoulders and torso but I don't really see any changes, except when I flip them, the mesh is inside-out, I don't think that's what I'm looking for.

In the tutorial, you say when applying the Reset XForm modifier and clicking "collapse to," the mesh will have their faces flipped. I don't see this happening.
Still, I Flip the normals and my mesh is inside-out. I export and assimilate, and in ModView, the mesh does not appear to be inside-out, it looks fine, but I expected the torso to be inside-out when I flipped the normals, and exported.

(Let me know if I confused you there, It's hard making things clear. )

I'm saying this because, applying the Reset XForm seems to do nothing. It's as if nothing was changed, and the mesh still appears corny.

I have 2 gifs from viewing the left and right side. It's probably a bad view, but the arm pit is stretched to the top of the shoulder, and it looks inverted.

I have a back-up just in case I mess up, for now, I'm trying to experiment and click things. I'm the kind of guy who can complicate simple things, so thanks for helping.
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