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Multiple Arm Attack!
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I only just noticed I forgot to put the correct flag on the holocron so only the jedi can pick it up!
Still it should be easier to find once I get the icons/radaricons all working properly.

Hmmm... I wasn't aware that the clock timer changed. It should give you the same amount of time to complete the level every time - or am I mistaken?

I put in lots of switches, just since the elevators are quite large and its more convenient. I used to have just one per elevator but it was more aggrivating.

Use the N-1 starfighter to take out the turrets. It's the only ship slow enough. I may mod the speed on the other ones at some point. Though that could cause adverse reactions in other maps.

I'm still working out a way to do the edges of the map - ID game skyboxes are always designed so you can't see the 'ground plane'. It's always mountains etc. So it creates problems when you try to do it - even RAVEN had to cheat a bit when doing their Hoth siege map by trying to hide the edges of the map and putting in a portal sky.

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