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Re: A Couple of Suggestions

Originally posted by boranchistanger
I have a couple of suggestions for both the website and the forums.

1. It doesn't seem like there is a ton of information of the website. Perhaps some detail about planets, the different units in the 3 factions that have been revealed should be posted.
I've been updating all the content, but it's a matter of getting it back on the site. Somebody reset the FTP info, so it'll be fixed soon - I'm also on vacation, so that's why there's been a lack of moderation and such. Point taken, though

2. I think all the different links to different articles by the numerous gajming websites should all be posted on one page in the website. That would make it easier for new people coming in.
We can do that, or we can make a sticky thread in the main discussion forum. That way, it can be up with everything that most new people will read. And people can just add on to it when they find something new, making it member-driven

3. Hosting for Battlefront clans would be a good idea. That has been very successfull in other games and is great for clans who don't have the money to buy a decent host.
If memory serves me correctly, it's LFN policy only to provide hosting to mod projects, and not to clans. Again, this might be wrong, but I'm about 98% sure of this.

4. On the clan forum, please make it a rule that each clan only get one recruitment thread for itself. I am amazed that numerous clans have 3, 4 threads dedicated to themselves.
Yeah, I totally agree with that. Again, I'm not readily available these days, and there SHOULD be moderators lurking this area, but I'll try to get on as often as possible...

Suggestions taken
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