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Having tested the Mon Mothma problem further, it turns out to be quite serious.

The team that are Jedi in the first round can kill her themselves as soon as they've released her...then when they are Sith in the next round, they only have to defend for a fairly short time to win the map overall.

A few other minor things I found:

The first door you encounter as a Jedi has a swirly blue force crosshair, but pushing or pulling it seems to do nothing.

The red beam that activates when you turn on the power is usually invisible from the bottom of the pit (meaning you could jump straight through it and take damage if you didn't realise it was there).

The Sith can turn on the power themselves, which raises laming possibilities - I know nothing about mapping so I don't know if it's possible to make a button only pushable by one team though!
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