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I'm Lunchbox. Its not my name, but I go by that. I live in FL, and I like reading, writing, paintball, football, and Asteroids. my high score is a bit over 29000, and I got the high score on it at the local arcade. I am an avid reader and am often found in debates in the sliced tauntaun. I am in Hire on Demand (a ps2/pc clan) led by Vanlingo. I am excited about battlefront. I am a scary guy, but not intentionally. Like, I carry many weaponms on me at all times and I am a big dude, so people are often intimated by me. But I'm actually a nice guy. I am wary of the Japanese, who aI believe will attack the US, and I want to liberate Scotland. chck me on AIM at yaebginn or email me at
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