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Multiple Arm Attack!
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In theory at least, the Jedi shouldn't be able to kill Mon Mothma as she has a 'teamnodmg' flag set for the jedi team.
But that flag doesn't seem to work properlysometimes.

As for some of the other switches - I must have forgotten to set them to only the Jedi team (Same goes for picking up the holocron).

I have to change the effect for the red beam. Not sure why it dissappears like that.

The door with the force push works, but if you stand next to the door, it gets retriggered straight away and closes again. Not sure how to work around this.
Will probably just take of either the trigger or the force push and just have one of them.

Nothing tooo serious though. (I hope)

Great stuff, any more feedback???

Are the teams balanced? Does having weapons unbalance play too much.
Has anyone been able to use the turret guns/fighter to shoot down players/fighters?

Is there anything that you guys Like in particular?

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