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My name is Jeff, I'm 29 (which makes me the oldest person to post so far) and I live in Washington, DC -- in the city, not the suburbs. I'm married and have a dog. I was definitely a hardcore Battlefield 1942 player -- I was in a clan that has since moved on to Battlefield Vietnam -- and I'm totally psyched that SWBF mixes the BF-style gameplay with the Star Wars universe. The Star Wars mod for Battlefield 1942 wasn't very good.

Currently I don't have a PC -- I switched to Mac -- so all my gaming takes place on my Xbox and PS2. I've already pre-ordered SWBF for my Xbox, and I'm wondering if I made a mistake. Most people seem to be looking to play the PS2 version.

Right now, I regularly play Crimson Skies on Xbox and irregularly play Rainbow Six 3 and Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow. I also sporadically play SOCOM and SOCOM II on PS2. I can be found under the gamertag "Singard" on both Xbox and PS2.
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