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Originally posted by TK-8252
I'd be honored to beta test!

TK8252MJL @ is my MSN.

I'd like to be a beta tester because I love JA Siege more than any other game. I'm always eager when there's a new Siege map in the works, especially a Star Wars-based one. Hoth has always been one of my favorite battles (maybe because the Imperials won ) and this one looks very promising.

I know a guy who would be able to host a server very lag-free; next time I see him I'll ask him about this.
Please do, we will all really appreciate it!

*thinks of massive Snow Speeders fight*

My projects:
Snow Speeder

Originally posted by yaebginn
not at all, they came here[USA] to worship God however they wanted and it was built on the principals and rules of the Christian religion.
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