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((Good lord, it hasn't even been that long in-RPG, Scar. Just ignore it

Sorry for the AWOL-ness XD))

Mos Eisley Cantina, Tatooine

Bartender: One moment please, she's in the back.

*He disappears for a few moments then reappears. With him is a girl dressed in perfectly ordinary, inconspicuoss clothes. What was not so ordinary or inconspicuous was the fact that her hair was bright green. She is of medium height. She has an oval face with a pointed chin and pointed nose, and large eyes. She appears youthful, but just how old she was - even if she is actually an adult - is much less than obvious. She appears human, but something about the way she moves is strange.

She looks at Nom and Tarila*

Girl: You're here to see me?


SSD Vigilance

*There were five Vanguard, not counting the one slumping slowly to a stop against the hangar wall. The rack of Starr Hailfire's missile launcher still held five missiles. If he could get them all before they could react, syncing with his Force-enchanced speed to match it...

He turned in a circle, firing a single missile at the next Vanguard, then the next, then the next, until all six missiles were fired.

The second, third and fourth missiles hit, blowing their targets backwards. The fifth and sixth missed as their targets activated their teleporters and vanished in bursts of green. The missiles passed through the space where they had been and exploded against the far wall.

His launcher was empty and he discarded it even as the two Vanguards teleported. Still moving at inhuman speed, he turns towards two new burst of green-glowing particles, where he knew his attackers were about to reappear. He activated and hurled two thermal detonators at the bursts.

The explosions hit just as the Vanguard reappeared and they were thrown away.

Ten seconds.

Starr reloaded his launcher and watched as the Vanguard picked themselves off the ground again. None of them were dead. Starr smiled as he noticed they were moving slowly as if hurt, and their shield belts crackled dangerously.

You can't make efficient impact armor with cortosis weaved in it. Stupid.

Perhaps he would be able to finish this fight before Lord Cracken's son arrived. He hadn't even had to draw his lightsabers yet.*

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