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So, basically, yeabginn, because you don't "like" ET Warrior, he shouldn't be a mod, like all the others shouln'd be, because you do not "like" them, too, like you don't "like" most people anyways? Ahh, the mature youth.

And i think somebody was kidding.

Want a touch?

"Fact is, we do not know what *god* really is like. But we do know the universe is made in a way that there is an infinite amount of numbers between 0 and 1. Compare it to all the 'perhabses' between yes and no. And just like there is no comparison of yes or no, 0 and 1 are the boundaries of this universe. A universe we do not 'live in' but are rather only a small part of.
Now one could conclude that everything bigger than 1 is *infinite*, 1 is the universe as a whole, made up by everything smaller than 1, including us. And *god* is 0."

--a friend, philosophizing about the reasons for a lack of milk in his fridge.
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