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And what exactly is wrong with them being here? They have the same right to be here as you do. Where is it said they aren't allowed to be here? Just because you don't 'feel' so? Do you really think they are here just because of you?

"Fact is, we do not know what *god* really is like. But we do know the universe is made in a way that there is an infinite amount of numbers between 0 and 1. Compare it to all the 'perhabses' between yes and no. And just like there is no comparison of yes or no, 0 and 1 are the boundaries of this universe. A universe we do not 'live in' but are rather only a small part of.
Now one could conclude that everything bigger than 1 is *infinite*, 1 is the universe as a whole, made up by everything smaller than 1, including us. And *god* is 0."

--a friend, philosophizing about the reasons for a lack of milk in his fridge.
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