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yes it is. i'm home. both literally and figuratively speaking...

i mean...

i'm home in the sense that i'm in my home, my house, but at the same time, i'm "home" b/c this is like my home online...kinda. well, not really.

i'm not too good at this kind of stuff. like, stuff where you say something, but then when i say something like "literally and figuratively" then i'm afraid it doesn't make sense, and then i go into too much depth and then when i go into too much depth, it really sucks.

what i'm trying to say is that i doubt anybody is reading this post so i'm going to just write random words now and see if anybody notices...flamingo umbrella the three trilobytes, depth online literally tennis volleyball...athens greece olympics figuratively home forum information mixnmojo, aquadrops orange-scented pledge...quote this paragraph in your next post if you actually took the time to read it.
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