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I'm shocked you put me in your list, and I decline(being nice) find someone else for your diversity.

lmao, "mod squad". Would we follow your orders? Perhaps we should rename TSTT to yaebginn's forums


See, to be even CONSIDERED for mod, you have to be here for a while, know the ropes, know alot of people who vouch for you. And, you know, just other stuff that you don't know yet cause you're still relatively new.

PBF: relatively new
tfighterpilot: threads closed for various reasons, still relatively new
badger:relatively new, not many know him
Doomgiver: relatively new

Post count doesn't help you get mod.

and the plus side you get to snuggle with mods at night... *wink wink*

That's the last time I buy anything just because it's furry!

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