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Ok, you have often tried to be a mod. With your spelling nazi deal and your constantly telling people where their thread belongs, hoping to be noticed and become a mod. you've always taken the mods side and tried to be a good little boy so that you can get picked to be a mod, your dream.
1)Spelling nazi is something a lot of people do, they just do it because it bugs the person being picked on, OR they really want to help them.

2)Maybe he's trying to help the mods? I know when I'm monitoring jk3files comments TK points out to me anything that needs editting. He's not sucking up, he's helping the mod.

3) Taken the mod's side? I wasn't aware we were in 2nd grade. Being a good little boy here does nothing, helping mods and making logical posts, etc. That could help get you picked to be a mod.

4) And what would YOU do, if YOU wanted to be a mod.

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