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What the deal is,

You went to a forum section you normally donīt post in just to hassle Lynk. All posts in that thread were ment as laughter as is that whole forum and you came in and bashed him. A thing you shouldnt be doing. Especially since your credibility isnīt very high.
Seeing as you also bashed TK in a thread were he was doing his job. You broke the rules but we decided not to take any actions if it would be a standalone. Maybe you should read em again and memorise them. Gives you a bigger chance at surviving here.

And what is your deal against Lynk. He closed a few threads you were discussing in, but however know this: I would also have pulled the plug on those threads since they evolved from a serious topic towards something hilarious. A joke.

And maybe your plans are to be funny or something but then I advise you to use a smilie when you do.

P.S. you also PMīd Lynk about the whole bussiness and he calmly and honestly replied. Keep that in mind.

We donīt have a problem with you, just the way you act
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