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yaebginn, your posts in are, well, completely unwarranted. As you'd have soon found out, that area of the forums are much less forgiving than we are here. Community-wise. Also, is Lynk's home area on the forums, so to speak - If you cause trouble there, he's authorized to initiate a [temporary] ban.

Your posts lately have been lackluster. The USA Successor was 11 pages of unprecedented crap. Only to end with "Japan will attack US with robots and samurai."

What. the. hell.

Don't take me wrong, I'm not trying to be a bastard here - but I think you should take a few days to re-evaluate your stay here and your posting habits. 3 days, to be specific.

I'm only posting here so you and others can see my justification for this, and that I'm not going off on some "power spree", or as your romping buddy likes to call it "Louisiana Cop" stuff.

It's a 3 day temp ban. So hang tight, and don't make another account in the meantime. IP checks can be done, and making another account will mean you get permanently banned.
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