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((Dammit. Post got eaten, so this will be a bit short))

Mos Eisley

*Saria smiles and comes round the counter*

Saria: Funny, you don't look...*she pauses, then offers her hand to Nom, smiling more* My name is Saria. Yours?


Ulna Shardes

*The fourth floor is made up of several arenas and a ship's docking bay. Everything of value was demolished*

Nereli: It seems we're done here. If---

*A voice speaks from his communicator* Inquiry to Nereli. We've detected a power source activating in your general area.

*Suddenly, the lights in the ship's bay turn on*


SSD Vigilance

*The Vanguard take to the air with their jetpacks, now using their rifles. Rapid-fired bolts of ionized, compressed air bombard the area around Starr. He retaliates with his missile launcher, taking advantage of the fact that while they could copy his Force-enhanced reflexes, the jetpacks had limited manuevering capabilty at high speeds*

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