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Coruscant Space

Irvine in his shuttle was being chased by several fighters.

Irvine getting annoyed by the fighters attempts to disable him, and him not having the time to manualy calculate the course in hyperspeed, due to the computer's automatic plotting damaged.

He quicky changes to comm fequency of that to the fighter's...

Irvine weaves in and out of the fighter's fire, dispite it being a larger ship.*

Fighter 1: "Damnit, why can't we hit this guy?!"

Fighter 2: "Keep frosty blue 4, he'l make his..." *Gaging sound, then an explosion.*

*outside two fighters ram into each other as one of them flys out of control. Inside the shuttle, Irvine with smug look on his face, and opening his fist from choking the pilot...*

Irvine *Just completing plotting the course* "This is taking forever..."

*The shuttle escapes and jumps into hyperspace...*

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