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Before anything else, a little explanation in case new people join ^_^

"PtH", or, "Postlude to Holocaust", is about a quest to undo the end of the galaxy. It's a spinoff of another RPG;
"Cantina", Part Six, but you don't have to read that to know what's going on. (Although if you read that and Part Seven onwards, you may get some idea of how this all ends...)

This RPG is very character-, group-, and story-oriented. Thus, it's kind of hard to join sometimes, because the story might be taking place on some planet where no one could just show up off the street. But that's what this thread is for; post here, and you'll be worked in. ^_^


With that out of the way, a subject for everyone.

Admiral and I have done alot of (if not all of) the PtH plotwork for the past few threads, in case no one noticed... The end result, unfortunately, is that everything seems to happen to our characters, while everyone else just reacts.

So, we can plan stuff here. Plots always work better when coordinated with other people. (If you're big on secrets, like me, there's always PMs )

There's going to at least ten, probably eleven, chapters to Postlude to Holocaust. Admiral and I have a rough framework for these eleven threads (which I'll post if anyone wants to see it), but it's not entirely filled in, and there's plenty of room to add stuff.

What do you want to happen in the upcoming quests? What do you want to happen to your characters? What do you want to happen to the galaxy?


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